Day: July 23, 2021

DIY Basement Renovation Checklist for Beginners

Leaky faucet. Broken tiles. Barely-there wallpaper. Rodent hideouts. Doorless cupboards. So your basement has gone rogue? That’s definitely big news – so what will you do next? Let the place be, or take up the mammoth task of renovating the entire basement?

Let’s be clear: neither is easy, so you have to choose one path. Will you let the basement stay as it is until it’s time for an emergency evacuation? Will you hand it over to fussy contractors? Or, will you DIY it, and turn it into the most perfect basement to date?

The last one seems a bit more plausible, right? Then why wait? Here’s our guide to a foolproof DIY basement renovation checklist for beginners!

DIY Basement Renovation Checklist for Beginners

There are two main components in a basement renovation checklist: 

  1. a) Budget
  2. b) Requirements

Obviously, the two are intertwined. Your budget will give you an idea of the renovation you can afford. Your renovation requirements, in return, will probably prompt you to either expand or squeeze the budget. So how can you figure out the specifications for both of these components? Here, let us help.

The Budget

Beforehand you kick off your renovation, the first thought

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