10 Simple Design Ideas for an Easy to Clean Home

While everyone wants a clean house, not everyone has the time and energy to spruce it up. Luckily, you can still have a clean place no matter how busy you are.

Listed below are ten easy-to-do cleaning tips that you can follow to have a spic and span home:

Choose the Right Floor for Each Room

Cleaning the floor is an arduous affair, especially since you can’t help but walk all over it. As such, choose the right flooring in different areas of your home. Doing so can make cleaning easy as a breeze.

The rule of thumb is to not use carpeted floors in places with constant foot traffic. For example, your living room and the kitchen and dining areas should not be carpeted as much as possible. Hardwood floors are best for these areas.

If anything, you should only really have carpeted floors in bedrooms, a more intimate space that won’t get many people walking on it. Carpets are difficult to clean when they’re dirty, which is why you should place them in more relaxed and private spaces.

Paint Your Walls with High Gloss Paint

Having kids or pets around the house will mean that you’re probably constantly