5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Baking Supplies in the Kitchen

Whether you’ve always been a cake and cookie whiz, or you’ve just recently discovered the joys of baking thanks to the pandemic, you’ve probably picked up some baking tools. From the basics like sifters and mixing bowls to more specific equipment such as dough hooks, it’s easy for things to pile up.

A cluttered kitchen isn’t just an eyesore, but it reduces your counter space and can lead to pests. Recreating that easy bread recipe becomes challenging when you have to rummage through your pantry just to find the ingredients or tools you need. Organizing your cabinets may sound like a huge undertaking, but a well-planned kitchen ultimately leads to a more efficient, more enjoyable bake.

Here are a few easy tips to keep your kitchen neat and tidy:

  1. Know what’s in your cupboard

It’s hard to organize when you don’t know what’s in your pantry. Take stock of the tools and ingredients that you have. Start from scratch and clear out your baking supplies so you know exactly what you’re dealing with—you’ll often be surprised to find misplaced spatulas in forgotten corners. You don’t want to spend the morning rearranging, only to find out that you missed a couple