How to Clean Pet Stains on Hardwood and Carpet

Let’s be honest. Pet stains are frustrating. And while there are a number of reasons your pet may be having accidents around the house — whether they’re adjusting to a change in their environment, they have a health condition that needs addressing, or they’re just communicating with you that they need to go outside more often — accidents are no fun to discover or clean up on carpet or hardwood floors.

If your pet is having accidents around the house, it’s important to understand the difference between removing stains from a carpeted area and removing stains from a hardwood floor. Each has unique chemistry and care needs that need to be taken into account. Consider the following when cleaning up your pet’s accidents:

Removing pet stains on carpet

If your pet is having accidents on the carpet, it’s always best if you can catch it right away to reduce permanent stains. If you’re dealing with a stain that is still wet, use a thick layer of paper towels or newspaper to absorb as much urine as possible. You can stand on the padding or blot the area while the accident is soaked up for a few minutes. Make sure you