4 Ways to Prepare Your Tiny Home For Any Weather

Tiny homes have developed a cult following in the past few years. Instead of putting their entire life’s savings into a down payment on a home, or throwing away money every month on an expensive apartment, more people are deciding to do more with less. The tiny house movement helps people save money, lower their environmental footprint, and limit mindless shopping. 

For minimalists, the tiny home movement is a dream come true. But many people buy their new mini home without making sure it’s winter-ready. Get your tiny home ready for any type of weather by taking care of these essentials. 

Heating & Cooling

One of the upsides to having a tiny home is that there’s less square footage you have to warm up and cool down. This means you start to see energy savings almost immediately. Space heaters, gas or electric fireplaces, window air conditioners, or simple oscillating fans are great options for those looking for HVAC on the cheap and as secondary forms of heating/cooling. But for most tiny homes, mini split systems will be your best option. 

Mini split systems provide both heating and cooling capabilities in a compact setting, are energy efficient, and don’t require