Day: May 18, 2021

Activities to Keep You Busy When Stuck At Home

Months after the coronavirus emerged in the US, it is, unfortunately, still not under control.

The fall and winter seasons might be the most challenging times in the entire pandemic, but pandemic fatigue is also real and beginning.

The novel restlessness, stress, and boredom you may have felt in March and April are no longer novel, making it harder to stay home all the time.

Since then, life has not been normal. Government agents, along with health organizations, have been at the forefront spearheading “stay at home” campaigns to curb the spread.

The fact that you are used to their busy schedules can confuse you on how to lead this quarantine lifestyle.

If you are not sure what kind of activities you can participate in, this article is for you. Here, I will discuss some of the activities that you can start with while you are stuck at home.


If you thought games were something for kids, it’s time to reconsider your thoughts. Video games are fun.

The fact that there are many adult video games also means that there is a chance that you will try something new. You can start by investing in a quality gaming rig

A Backyard Pond

As Rudyard Kipling as soon as said, “Gardens are usually not made by sitting within the shade.” Numerous gardeners see Fall as a time to begin putting their gardens to relaxation. My bed room reflects a spot of comfort and rest, it is a reflection of my heart. From the fantastically arranged silk blooms sitting on the credenza to the king sized bed complete with an electric blanket to heat the bed earlier than we crawl in at night time. The mattress is covered in a fluffy, off-white, cozy comforter with a floral quilt nostalgically gracing the foot. The colors in the room are comprised in heat hues of sentimental blues, browns, rust and tender beige which, for me, creates a warm and welcoming place to rest Accent colours of sentimental greens and pinks are found as accents in floral pictures, candles and delicate floral sheers. Antique white lace throw pillows adorn the pinnacle of the bed.

The first and most important part of redecorating your room is to determine what coloration scheme you wish to go along with. It’s attainable to make your room match the furnishings but one of the simplest ways is to build the furniture around …