Day: May 6, 2021

5 Farmhouse Design Principles For Your Home

The farmhouse style is one that never grows old. Historically, the farmhouse was built on farms to accommodate larger families. It was the center of the farm and boasted a classic and functional design. Farmhouses now take on a more modern style, but there are still factors that the style encompasses to truly be a farmhouse.

Since the style looks back on history, it reminds those who embrace it with simpler, cozier times. In a world where the modern aesthetic has taken over, the farmhouse provides an authentic, homey feeling. Here are five farmhouse design principles for your home that will bring back those purer, more comfortable times.

1. Authentic Touches

For your home to be transformed into a farmhouse design, you need to bring authenticity. Hearken back to the traditional farmhouse. Immerse yourself in historic design where you consider every detail.

Additionally, ensure that your home blends in with the landscape. If you’re building a new home and want the farmhouse design, make it as if you carved it into the surrounding land. Keep trees around the farmhouse or plant your own.

On the inside of your home, add elements like the deep sink and install stone on some

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