Day: April 18, 2021

10 Exterior Features That Add Value To Your Home

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in the home selling business, appearance is everything. Sprucing up the exterior of your home is sure to catch the buyer’s eye, potentially sending the make-or-break scale in your favor. Modernizing out-of-date spaces and tending to unkempt areas can add instant value; a little investment can go a long way.

 Exterior renovation can seem daunting, and you may be wondering where to start? The following are ten quick and easy tips on how to add value to your home. 

Enrich your green spaces

First impressions are critical; over 50% of homebuyers have made their decision based on the exterior of your home. Front and back yards are top selling points; enhancing your green spaces is an easy way to add value.

Lawn treatment is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your landscape; start by simply laying down fresh seed and maintaining hydration; pay close attention to trodden areas and worn patches. Utilize garden space with vibrant flower beds, seasonal shrubberies, and trees. Estate specialists say landscaping renovations can improve a home’s value by 28%. 

Modernize outdoor furniture

Implement a premium feel to your entertainment spaces with

15 Residence Decor Tendencies For 2020

Designer furnishings is many issues to many individuals, however these days with so many “knock-off” or “reproductions or “replicas”, you really need to do your homework to make sure that you have not been mislead. In the course of the time our dwelling was constructed there seems to have been a minimalist builder who pushed for hole core wooden slab doorways throughout the home’s interior. I suppose they were meant to match the “pocket doors” that slide open to the kitchen from what was a formal eating room and from the lobby into the lounge. There are twelve of those hole core doorways in our house. The monotony is damaged only by a few cubby holes and a basement covered by rustic cedar doors: sure, very 1970’s three-kids-and-a-canine.

Window Therapies can make a big impact on the look of a room. To start with, ensure to look for the correct kind of window therapy for the room you’re decorating. For instance, use heavy drapes that may block sunlight in a bedroom. In a kitchen, use gentle and airy curtains which are decorative but nonetheless preserve the room bright. Make sure to add charm to your window treatment with a decorative …