Day: April 10, 2021

The Best Way to Pack Fragile Items Before Moving

Any person will tell you that moving is stressful. One of the main reasons behind the stress is the very real possibility of something being broken during transport. Just think about it; how often has it happened to you? You pack everything up, and all of a sudden a single bump in the road shakes the van and there’s a sound of glass shattering.

Luckily, professional moving companies, like Oz Moving, are well aware of this issue, which is why they offer packing and storage services to their customers. But let’s say that you aim to do the packing yourself and save some money in the process. Is there a proper way to do it so that no item ends up in pieces?

In this article, we will go over the best possible methods of packing fragile items and sensitive equipment before moving. Not only will these methods help you during a move, but you can also apply them if you plan on moving your items to a storage space or aim to give them away in bulk.

Getting the Right Packing Materials

Protective packaging materials are a must with every move. By wrapping or placing an item in a

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